About Us

Simplify Wealth Partners

Simplify Wealth Partners was established in the volatility of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Because...why not? If we can survive the year 2020, we can do anything!!

We are on a mission to empower 1 MILLION people personally, professionally, and financially!

We believe the financial industry is a mission field and our mission is to take money off of the pedestal of worship and put it back in its rightful place as a resource. We achieve this through education and empowerment, which leaves our clients motivated and excited about their future.

J.R. + Laurie Wheeler, founders + owners

J.R. Wheeler began his journey as an entrepreneur in 2008 selling CUTCO cutlery. He became a sales manager and soon ran a district office in Oklahoma City. After leaving CUTCO, J.R. found himself on a journey of many different sales jobs, but his goal was always to help people. He stumbled upon financial services in 2014 and has been helping families find financial freedom ever since.

Laurie Wheeler met J.R. Wheeler during his CUTCO days when she became a sales rep in his district office in 2012. When J.R. and Laurie got engaged, Laurie decided to pursue a career in corporate America. In 2018, Laurie left her career and joined J.R. in the financial services business.

Together, the married couple is committed to helping others achieve success personally, spiritually, professionally, and financially. The Wheelers founded Simplify Enterprises, LLC with the belief that life should be simple, and so should business.

Simplify Wealth Partners is a registered DBA of Simplify Enterprises, LLC