life insurance with
Living Benefits

Living Benefits are accelerated death benefit riders* that can be found in life insurance policies, allowing the insured to access the death benefit under certain life-altering circumstances. The most common triggers of living benefits are terminal illnesses, critical illnesses, and chronic illnesses. 

This is life insurance for your life, not your death!

*Accelerated death benefit riders and coverage vary by life insurance company. Check your life insurance policy for specific details on coverage.

Death benefit

The new type of life insurance with living benefits also has a death benefit. This death benefit is given to your beneficiaries TAX FREE after you pass away.

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Terminal Illness

One type of living benefit, or accelerated death benefit, applies to terminal illnesses

If you are diagnosed with less than 12* months to live, you can access 90% (or more) of the death benefit BEFORE you pass away. 

*less than 24 months in some states

Critical Illness

Life insurance with living benefits (accelerated death benefit) include critical illnesses and injuries. Depending on your life expectancy as a result of the illness/injury, you could potentially access 25% - 75% of the death benefit while you are still alive.

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chronic illness

The new type of life insurance has LIVING BENEFITS that you can access while you are still alive! If you are diagnosed with a chronic illness and therefore cannot perform at least 2 out of the 6 activities of daily living*, you can potentially access up to 2% of your policy's death benefit PER MONTH.

*Activities of daily living include: bathing, feeding, clothing, transferring, toileting, and continence.

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